Are you a Rare Bird?

A rare bird is an unusual, uncommon or exceptional person, free of spirit,  continually improving, and stubborn enough to get the job done.  We may be a little kooky, but deep down pretty darn cool!

Our Approach

Rare Bird Studios is about creating the best version of your individual and remarkable voice.  We give you the tools and the pathways, you do the work then magic can happen!

We believe in being serious about our singing. The gift that is our voice requires work and we are ready to and able to do hard things.


Lessons are always available online, but due to COVID-19 we are currently only available online.

Next Steps...

How do I become a better singer? How do I improve my speaking voice?  What happens in a voice lesson?  How do I sign up?  So many questions, we have the answers (or at least we will help you find them).