What Happens in Voice Lessons?

Each voice lesson is customized for the individual.  We generally begin with a  tailored set of technical exercises that are used to strengthen your voice and give the ability to do function at it's fullest! The second half of the lesson is where we sing music, learn to read music, work on speech or acting.

In short, your voice lessons are specially designed for you to help you achieve your goals!

How long are lessons and how much do they cost?

Voice lessons come in customized tuition packages tailored to fit your needs. Drop-in lessons are available on request.  Lessons are generally 45 minutes in length. Drop-in rates are $65, customized packages allow for discounted rates!

Can I take lessons online?

Yes!  Taking lessons online is a breeze! Using Zoom technology we can come together no matter where you happen to be.

Next Steps...

Each perspective client, receives a complimentary phone consult where we discuss what you (or your student) want to achieve and what the studio can do to help you achieve those goals.

After the phone consultation, students may be invited to an initial "Fit Session" where we meet in person to sing together and get a feel for what lessons are like in the studio.