“Leischen Moore is a teaching artist and educator I have recommended, and will continue to, based on not only witnessing the growth and musicianship achieved with other working artists and friends I know, but also with first-hand experience, under her guidance. Her knowledge of anatomy, placement, technique, and stellar attention to detail, brings out not only the best vocal presence musically, but works equally on achieving a full embodiment of character and emotion, particular to each piece. What sets her apart from many in her field is not only her technique, but the very specific program she builds with each individual in order to help them meet their particular goals…From beginning voice work with children , to professional entertainers, catering each student’s program to cultivate their own artistry to the best of their abilities.” – Deya O.

“Leischen Moore has been my daughter’s vocal teacher for over two years now and, frankly, I could not have asked for a better coach – or a better person – for the job. Singing is both a technical skill and an emotionally based art and, for a young student learning and experiencing their way thru the ups and downs of the teenage years, even a simple voice lesson can bring out fears and insecurities. Leischen knows and understands this and, as a result, she’s willing to be a teacher, a mentor, and a confidant. Many’s the time my daughter has told me about a reassuring conversation she had during her voice lesson when she was unsure of her talent, her choices, or just upset with the way a day or a week had gone. Leischen’s care and support went a long way towards making things better – and, not coincidentally, gave my daughter back the confidence she needed to excel in her performance.

“Thanks to the talent, skill, and love which Leischen brings to her work, my daughter was able to score high marks in her very first vocal competition, has constantly expanded and strengthened her vocal range, and has tackled new and challenging songs with great success. In the future, I know that her work with Leischen will see her continuing to hone and refine her skills – and, seeing Leischen as a solid role model, will help her to become the same caring and supportive mentor to others as Leischen has been to her. If you’re considering voice lessons, either to improve your skills or just as a confidence booster, I truly cannot recommend LCM Studios highly enough. ****+” – Harlan Z.

“I have been a voice student of Ms. Moore for the last 7 years. I began with no experience whatsoever. I now sing with confidence and have placed 1st in my category during judging the last 2 years! Her approach will bring out the best for anyone beginner to professional!” – George M.